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Dialect coaching
worldwide accents

Need a specific accent for a role, an audition, or to put in your toolbox of skills?


Let's put you in the driver's seat. 

Instead of having a prescriptive, 1-size-fits-all approach, Audrey works with each actor's strengths and challenge areas, using methodology that fits your unique personality and learning styles. 


Dialect work is incredibly psychological. It's changing the way you communicate to the world. Once we master the basic sounds, melodies, and rhythms of the target dialect, the next task is to figure out how it lives in your character's mouth and body so that you can freely be inside of a story without making the dialect the focus. The goal is to make it fun so you can take direction and be able to play in the scene without losing the accent. 

Audrey doesn't teach all world accents (yet), but if you have a need she can't help with, she can probably direct you to amazing colleagues who can. 

general American Accent Training 

Were you not raised with an American accent?

Fantastic! Wherever you’re from, your accent is unique and beautiful. It represents so much about who you are. But as an actor, you're most likely not playing yourself. And if you’re tired of being typecast as "The Sexy Italian" or "The Russian Spy,” then learning the neutral American accent may be just what you need to boost your career!

actor review - sheila moikagano, south a

"I’ve been taking classes with Audrey to develop a more standard American accent in order to expand the range of opportunities for my acting career.  Not only has my booking ratio increased tremendously, but also my representation team has noticed the progress on my accent. I cannot stress enough the need of having a standard American accent to compete in such a tough market and can say that Audrey is one of the best if not the best out there. From helping you prepare auditions to working on specific things that will help you particularly, learning with Audrey I feel is a more dynamic and productive experience. Do yourself a favor and start working with her!"

"First of all I will like to say the best teacher I've ever met, I have been working online with Audrey for several months now and I must say I have improved a lot with my American Accent. She is very patient and I will recommend anyone who wants to improve their speech or English to work with her. She is very professional and yet funny and make the sessions worth it…thanks Audrey for helping me build my confidence with my speech."


The first time you meet, Audrey will ask you some questions about your background, what you struggle with, and what your goals are.

Then it’s time to get to work! If you are working on an audition or a role, you’ll begin there. Otherwise, you’ll begin learning the tips and tricks to get your accent accurate!  You are welcome to record the sessions on Zoom/Skype so you can rewatch them over and over again.

You can learn a general American accent from Audrey’s online course or you can have private one-on-one sessions online with her on whatever accent you need. Also check back for upcoming workshops!

coach to the stars

Audrey dialect coaches brilliant actors who are at the top of their game. She is available for on set work or online coaching via Zoom.

Celeb collage for website white .png

Among them are: (from top left) Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya, Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Dominique Thorne, Flea, Ashton Sanders, Joe Cole, Diego Calva, Jesse Plemons, Isha Blaaker, Machine Gun Kelly, Marque Richardson, Zaina Gohou, Iwan Rheon, Sheyi Cole, Reynaldo Pacheco, Marina Mazepa, Douglas Booth, Daniel Webber


It’s up to you!


How many classes you take depends on your goals and your skill level. You can have a class bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, whenever you have an audition, or any option in between. If English is your first language, the American accent will be faster to learn than if English is your second or third language.

actor review - Angel Garet.jpg
Angel Garet


"Audrey has changed my life. I'm an actor here in Los Angeles and English is my second language. After coaching with Audrey my accent has improved and became more clear than it used to be. I am continuing my lessons with her and i can't wait to reach my goals with Audrey. I recommend her to every actor or person that would love to work on an accent or speech." 

Actor review - Natalia Abelleyra, Argent
Natalia Abelleyra


"I have been taking accent reduction classes with Audrey for 2 years now and I feel I have made so much progress! I love her method and the fact that she personalizes the classes according to my needs.  When I get an audition, I always work my American accent with her and I feel much more confident when stepping into the room. She is also incredibly accommodating when I get last minute auditions! (super important for our crazy actors life!). She is fun, always smiling and in a good mood. I really enjoy working with her!'"

Want the cheaper, quicker option?

You don't have to wait for Audrey's availability to learn a General American accent with her. Check out her online course!

--Over 40 videos

--Covers all aspects of a general American accent

--Designed for non-native English speakers

--Printable handouts with each video lesson

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