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American Accent Training


for Professionals

Have you ever wanted to improve the way you present yourself?


It can be scary to take the first step, but the social and financial rewards can quickly outweigh the fear. Audrey acts as your personal coach, working with you to tackle your most difficult communication goals, and cheering you on at every step.

American Accent Coaching Classes can center around three areas: the American accent, English skills, or communication skills. Your unique course may even be a combination of all three.


Just contact Audrey with your needs and you can go from there!

Gene P.

Executive manager in NYC

I have been working with Audrey for several years to improve my communication and presentation skills. The many tricks, tips, and methods that Audrey has taught me have been invaluable, and have allowed me to propel my career to another level.

I would recommend Audrey as a coach to any professional, from the most junior to the most senior level!

pro testimonial - Lenka Dvorakova.jpg
Lenka Dvorakova
Teacher from Czech Republic

What can I say, I love my classes with Audrey! I was looking for a way to improve my English that I felt maybe a bit too comfortable with. From the first minutes of our first class, I knew she was exactly what I needed. My work with her has been eye-opening, inspiring, frustrating, mind-blowing... but always, always a lot of fun. She pushes me out of my comfort zone (which is where learning happens), yet she is always very encouraging and I really appreciate her professionalism.

Tran Ly Vu
Software Engineer from Singapore

Audrey is certainly one of the best American accent coach I have ever worked with. Her customized classes cater to a wide range of students, including IT professional like myself. I have made a huge progress over a few months working with Audrey, I am now able to approach my daily speech in a more natural, confident and American-like style.


The first time you meet, Audrey will ask you some questions about your background, what you struggle with, and what your goals are.

Together you design a course that will efficiently and effectively propel you to where you want to be. Using vocabulary and information specific to your industry, you can improve your accent, better your English, and master your communication in no time!

Why Learn an American Accent?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your natural accent!

However, many people find their accents can pose certain challenges—not being understood at work, discrimination, feelings of language inadequacy. This is where Audrey can help!

After a short consultation, the two of you begin tackling the areas that will make the most difference first. This may be the lazy flow of the accent, pitch patterns, certain vowels or specific consonants. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of changing your voice permanently, Audrey can teach you how to turn your American accent on and off, so you can pull it out when you need it most. In all sessions, you are welcome to record the class on Skype so you can practice with it over and over again.

For a normal course, how many classes you take depends on your goals and the severity of your natural accent. You can have a class once a week, every day, whenever you have an important speaking event, or any option in between. It’s up to you!


Rheza pro pic review (1).jpeg
Rheza Hidajat
Web designer

Before I met Audrey, I had spent years feeling stuck and frustrated at explaining high level ideas, especially at work. I had always stuttered after a couple minutes of talking. Audrey quickly identified and patiently explained the root of the problems in terms that I could understand. She came up with a sustainable plan to address the problem. Now I feel that I am on my way to living up to my potential at work.

AJ for pros pic.png
AJ Chavero
Adventure games engineer

I've already had a few lessons with Audrey. She is very kind and professional person. We are working on my accent reduction, pronunciation and widening my vocabulary. My conversational skills and pronunciation have improved significantly. Thank you! I highly recommend her!


The AAC clientele covers a very wide range--and it's constantly growing! Doctors, models, HR representatives, stay-at-home moms, fitness instructors, CEOs, nurses, managers, authors, students, security guards, CFOs, small business owners, teachers, web designers, singers, priests, professors, team-building experts, photographers, doulas, programmers, social media influencers, government agents, engineers, salesmen, and more!

Working on your American accent and not able to take live classes?

You don't have to wait for Audrey's availability to learn a General American accent with her. Check out her online course!

--Over 40 videos

--Covers all aspects of a general American accent

--Designed for non-native English speakers

--Printable handouts with each video lesson

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